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Texas Olive Ranch – Asherton (Dimmit County)

On September 14, 2010 we took a trip to Asherton (Dimmit County) to the Texas Olive Ranch.  Normally this ranch is not open to the public, but they were celebrating their largest olive harvest!

Having never seen an olive ranch before, it made me think of a vineyard or orange grove. During the time the ranch was open for visitors, mechanical harvesting and the complete process of pressing extra virgin olive oil was open for viewing!

They also had samples of the different olive oils & olive oil soaps to sample and purchase. They also did a pressing of the olive to show how the olive oils & soaps are made. There were also presentations & seminars provided by the USDA, Texas Olive Oil Council & Texas Agriculture Commissioner.

During the harvest event, PBS filmed a documentary about the Texas olive industry. Texas Olive Trails follows the emergence of olive agriculture in the historically innovative agricultural Winter Garden region of the Middle Rio Grande in South Texas, along with the challenges of weather, water availability, rocks, varmints and more.

Texas Olive Ranch is the largest olive orchard in Texas and at present is the only commercial producer in the state. The high density orchard is comprised of 40,000 olive trees. The orchard is harvested mechanically and the olives are processed within 3 hours of harvesting in the on-site olive mill.

(This is where the TV network PBS filmed a documentary called Texas Olive Trails that follows our state’s emerging olive agriculture. Part of the shooting took place at the historic Bel Asher House in Asherton.)