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Hidalgo (Hidalgo County)

Hidalgo – Home of the Old Hidalgo Pumphouse Museum & a Giant Killer Bee!

We began our day at the Old Hidalgo Pumphouse Museum with coffee and donuts.  Then Kay Wolf and Viola Arismendez guided us on a trolley tour of the City of Hidalgo.

On the Tour, we were able to walk around and experience Hidalgo down at the Rio Grande River.  We were shown a historic home and store, located near the courthouse, that are currently being renovated to be open for the public at a later date.

We were shown a large Killer Bee that resides outside City Hall.  When the first swarm of Killer Bees came to the United States their first stop was in Hidalgo.  Kay Wolf explained, “When this happened we decided to turn lemons into lemonade.  We decided to build a large killer bee replica.”  This large Bee has made appearances in parades and at the State Fair.

Lunch was graciously paid for and provided by the City of Hidalgo.  After lunch we were given a tour of the old Pumphouse Museum by Viola Arismendez.  Viola showed us exactly how the Pumphouse operated back when it was open.

After the tour Kay Wolf, Assistant City Manager of Hidalgo, spoke about “Developing Interest in Your Community”.  Kay talked about the many successes of the city of Hidalgo within the last few years.  Hidalgo annually puts on BorderFest and a Christmas Festival of Lights show that has attracted many people into their community.

Old Hidalgo Pumphouse/World Birding Center
City of Hidalgo
Christmas Festival of Lights

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