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Hebbronville (Jim Hogg County)

Hot Tortillas & A Historic Catholic Church make for an Exciting day in Hebbronville!

We began our day at IBC Bank hosted by Assistant Vice President Bert Martinez.  While at the bank Dora Villarreal, local historian, told us about the Land Heritage Awards Program and the historic ranches of Jim Hogg County.

From there we all drove to Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church and historic Scotus College.  Father Ricardo welcomed us and gave us a tour of both facilities.  At the church, R. J. Molina also gave two historical presentations  – The Historic Garza House (1893-1968) which is the oldest house in Hebbronville and the Historic Old Jail (1914-1986).

A highlight of the day was our tour of the Hillcrest Tortilla/Tamale Factory.  Not only did we see the automated methods of tortilla making but also were all given fresh, hot, buttered tortillas to enjoy.  We also sampled a choice of beef or cream cheese & jalapeno tamales and were given a packet of fresh flour tortillas to take home.

Our next stop was lunch at the Longhorn Barbecue Restaurant. During lunch, all persons present were asked to introduce themselves by giving their name and affiliation. After lunch, we enjoyed several educational presentations.

These programs were presented by Juan Carlos Guerra and Brenda Haner (Hebbronville Vaquero Festival), Laredo artist Armando Hinojosa (Tejano Monument Project in Austin) and author Joe Lopez (storyline and characters from his new book, “Nights of Wailing, Days of Pain (Life in 1920s South Texas).

Hebbronville Vaquero Festival

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