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San Patricio Museum in Old San Patricio.

San Patricio Museum Exhibit in Old San Patricio.

The San Patricio Museum is located on FM 666 between Bluntzer and Mathis. San Patricio was founded in 1829 by empresarios James McGloin and John McMullen after they received permission from the Mexican government to settle 200 Irish Catholic families in Texas. (On FM 666 between Bluntzer and Mathis)

Nearby, the Echo Stagecoach Depot in Live Oak County just north of Mathis off I-37 and FM 888 is also known as Mount Echo or The Point and once belonged to empresario James McGloin. Today, this property is owned by Monte and Andi Estes. The ruins of the Stagecoach Depot and Post Office mark Mt Echo’s historical past. (In Live Oak County just north of Mathis off I-37 and FM 888)

Smolik’s Smokehouse (Mathis) contains museum-quality exhibits and historical photo collages about the history of Mathis and Tynan. They were designed by Andi Estes, Coastal Bend designer and historian. Website: Smolik’s Smokehouse Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smolikssmokehouse YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_Wa3B2vQHk (N., 10541 TX-359, Mathis)

The Smolik family came to America from Czechoslovakia in 1868 and established city markets across small south Texas towns since 1928.